Le Tonerre Studio project was born during a meeting to consolidate a friendship between two high-level professionals: Creative Director Tony Ranalli and Manager Romolo D'Orazio.


From this fortunate exchange of ideas, creativity and business spirit, which took place during Milan Fashion Week, the project began to take shape and find in the solidity and professionalism of a structure like ModaImpresa, its concrete realization.


Tony Ranalli, art director and fashion designer, was born in 1975 and lives in Milan after several experiences gained in Italy and abroad.


Inspired by art and painting, in 1999 he graduated at the International Academy of High Fashion and Costume "Koe¬fia" and subsequently successfully participates in some of the most prestigious Haute Couture competitions, ranking first in the renowned "Chambre Trade Union of the "Carousel du Louvre" fashion in Paris.


Internationally renowned designers, always attentive to sophisticated fashion trends, have collaborated with prestigious Brands: Roberto Cavalli, Byblos, Zuhair Murad, Roccobarocco, RB, Valentino, Krizia, Fiorucci, Jean Paul Gaultier and Guy Laroche, La Koradior .


Solid experience as a fashion designer combined with refined personal research prompted Tony Ranalli to create the brand "Le Tonerre Studio", a pap / man collection, perfectly integrated into one single concept of materials, Graphics and prints.


The inspiration and the mood of the Brand come alive from the interest and the study of the creative director towards the world of art: music, painting and figurative arts.


The DNA of Le Tonerre is centered on a no gender, transversal and unique collection, appealing to both man and woman.


The main idea lies in the principle of wanting to convey both man and woman the same essence, identity, colors, prints, refinement, and uniqueness in mood.


The Collection, at its first season, has been globally molded; denim, knitwear, prints, evening dresses; From the following Seasons, the brand has evolved, focusing its image a strong, glamorous and sophisticated female universe with a clear and recognizable identity.


The details, understood as colors, plissè, rouches, embroidery, studs and finishes, represent the distinctive focus of a sought-after, trendy, very fashionable collection.


The man is also very refined, with attention paid to details: prints, color and unmistakable style.


Le Tonerre Studio has always been inspired by art, in the broadest sense of the term, to music, to modern artists such as Fabio De Poli and Ossie Clark, a combination of art with fashion, a glimpse into the world of creativity In its entirety, not strictly tied to fashion.


The new collection will feature floral prints inspired by the 70s and 80s, and will feature pastel colors: yellow, sage embellished with embroidery and patches, always respecting a romantic, feminine and modern mood.


Much more extensive will be the capsules dedicated to cocktail dresses and evening dresses, distinctive and undisputed creations leading to the style and refinement of Le Tonerre Studio Collection.


Future collections will be created and dedicated to a public that has its own awareness, its own style, representative and unique.