For this Fall / Winter 2017, Le Tonerre Studio refers to art as a source of inspiration and specifically to two artists connected to contemporary art: Ossie Clark and Fabio De Poli.

These are two artists active at the end of the Seventies and this era is revived in the volume of cuts and lengths of the leaders and prints.

The part of the collection inspired by Ossie Clark is more naive, more colorful, evoking a world of flowers fairytale

Fabio De Poli is an artist who is inspired to Dadaism and the part of collection dedicated to him is more surreal in some ways a bit Cubist; he breaks down the figures highlighting the eye, the profile, the face.

The Seventies are also found in the color pallet used, warm and well blended tones in their sub-groups, all in nuance.

The chromatism is basically divided into two large families:



  • Camel

  • Brown

  • Grey


  • Strawberry

  • Violet

  • Green

  • Blue

The link between the two worlds is made from gold that is found in laminated leather, in jacquard and in the many details of the collection.

The gold transports us to another very trendy theme: disco music late seventies/early eighties.


A wide choice of fabrics and combinations make be the collection, rich, multi – colored and elaborate.

The presence of lace, satin, the chiffon, the velvet makes the collection very feminine.

Wool, velvet, leather, eco fur, embroidered denim, characterize the winter collection; the wire embroidery and stones, patches and a woolen embroidery, make it refined and processed.

This world of refinement and development is also reflected in the “male universe”; in the philosophy of the Collection Le Tonerre Studio, two worlds, Men and Women, are always very close to each other in colors, prints, materials, to form a single collection: "no gender collection".

The Cocktail / Evening part features lace elegant dress, with strong presence of plisset and embroidery, silk t-shirts and elaborate outerwear, very manufactured in cuts, to offer a look more fashionable.