The main part of Le Tonerre Studio SS 17 Collection has been inspired by Carioca world with palms, orchids, toucans and tropical wildlife.

World of Tropic is declined by means all over prints, but the same imprinting can be also found in the placed prints “Tropical Neck”, “Tropical Panther” and “Toucans”.

Another part of collection has been inspired by 70s music through a hymn to the great singer David Bowie, to his art, his unique, extravagant and unforgettable style.

David Bowie characteristics can be found in the prints, in the colours and in the shapes of this part of collection. The Disco Music World is declined in “Quadretto Optical”, “Triple Flash” an “David Band” prints.

The Tropic World and the Disco Music World, apparently so different, have indeed many elements in common, as they both are strong and intense.

Main colours of collection, all very strong, are the yellow, the turquoise, the fuchsia, the red and the green.

The shapes refer to both themes:

  • Carioca styles is characterized by an intense play of rouges and frills, short and long very light dresses.

  • The World of Disco has a more structured shapes with sequins, embroideries and laces.

Le Tonerre Studio Collection expresses itself through total looks, from day wear to street wear up to Cocktail and more sophisticated dresses.

The Collection also includes men clothes: the great innovation of contemporary collections is the link between women and men world, women and men under the same roof.

The woman collection perfectly inserts itself in the man collection, and conversely the man collection does; even if both maintain and respect the physical rules, the two collections play with the same colours, the same prints and sometimes with the same fabrics, with the common aim to create the “Le Tonerre” Universe

Le Tonerre Collection is entirely Made In Italy.